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June 26, 2019
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ATIVAN-2MG 90 Pill X 1mg - $345.00 instock
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ATIVAN-2MG 180 Pill X 1mg - $590.00 instock
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ATIVAN-2MG 360 Pill X 1mg - $990.00 instock
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ATIVAN-2MG 90 Pill X 2mg - $350.00 instock
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Ativan (Lorazepam) belongs to benzodiazepines which are often used to treat anxiety disorders, insomnia (trouble sleeping), panic attacks and alcohol withdrawal. It is designated for the management of anxiety disorders or for its short term relief or for depressive symptoms due to anxiety.

As it is a drug of benzodiazepines thus, it’s effects on the brain on its central nervous system calming and relaxing the mind. It affects the chemical in the brain that may be unbalanced due to anxiety in people. This medication is also used before a surgery to make a person sleepy.

The dosage of Ativan is based on different factors such as: the type of medical condition you may have, your age, the form of the medication you take along with the type and severity of the condition you are using Ativan to treat.

The physician with whom you are getting treated firstly, look at all these things and then start the dosage of the medicine with a low dose as to see if any side effects of it; and then gradually adjust the dose according to the treatment and your medical problem for which you are being treated to have the desired effect from the medication.

NOTE: Before taking any medication in practice consult your doctor first to be safe from any side effects of the medicine and do not increase or decrease the dose without his advice.



90 pill x 1mg, 180 pill x 1mg, 360 pill x 1mg, 90 pill x 2mg, 180 pill x 2mg, 360 pill x 2mg


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